The Rocky Mountaineer

My dream trip became a reality in May 2013. My itinerary was three nights in Vancouver, followed by The First Passage to the West on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer.

2016-09-19_11-05-14Vancouver is an amazing city with so much to see and do. A real must is a visit to Stanley Park to see the Totem Poles, and to walk across the Capilano Suspension bridge. A day trip across to Vancouver Island and a visit to the Butchart Gardens for afternoon tea can be arranged and is a great experience. The absolute highlight was the Rocky Mountaineer journey. Starting in Vancouver, complete with a ceremonial send off of bagpipes and flag waving, the journey commenced with the most amazing stories about the various points of interest along the route.

The first day’s scenery is very much canyonland, fast flowing rivers, tunnels and trees. After an overnight stop in Kamloops, the journey continues the next day into the Rocky Mountains. WOW! Breakfast of eggs benedict has never tasted so good! Trundling through the mountains on the outside viewing platform, just waiting for a bear to appear, with photographic opportunities like never before. Suddenly the train slowed and a bear came into view— and then another!

As the day drew to an end, the train slowed just once more and there was a mother bear and two cubs just lying in the sunshine— I think they had been waiting for me!