Why book with us


If you have never used a travel agent before, after hearing some of the horror stories from those who had travel plans when the coronavirus pandemic first broke out, you may be thinking that you probably should use one for your future travel plans. And you would be right to think just that, as having a trusted travel professional on your side is always a good idea, and even more so when there are challenging situations.

If you missed what happened in the world of travel when COVID-19 arrived, here’s a quick summary:
Many people who booked their travel with online “discount” sites because they thought they were saving money or it seemed easiest at the time, found themselves in the middle of a huge travel mess as their travel plans unravelled. Endless busy signals, hours on hold, calls being dropped, being transferred from one department to another to another without any resolution, and little to no accurate information about cancellation/rebooking options – it wasn’t pretty.

Meanwhile, travel agents were busy helping their clients. We spent the hours on hold so our clients didn’t have to, we knew what the current, constantly changing policies were (and are), we advocated for our clients, got them the refunds or rebooked, and advised them of their best options. In short, we were there for them every step of the way. All while in many cases, not getting paid, due to a necessary cancellation. Which we were, and are, still happy to do because above all, we care about our clients in ways that these big online sites never will and we always want what is best for them.

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