TRIP – Travellers Reward Incentive Programme


          Recommend a new customer and we will reward you with points when they book.

And what do points make?….PRIZES

Recommend a new customer

Recommend a new customer to us and when they book, you get points.

For example, when your friends book for the first time:-

An average family summer holiday will earn you 500 points

A tour to Canada will earn you about 1000 points

A luxury cruise to the Antarctic will earn you about 2000 points

Prizes start with…

  • A bottle of wine for 100 points
  • An afternoon tea for 225 points
  • An airport lounge pass from 300 points
  • A bottle of Champagne for 400 points
  • £50 off your next holiday for 500 points
  • Set lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s from 700 points
  • London West End theatre tickets from 850 points
  • £100 off your next holiday for 1000 points
  • A Spa day for 1200 points

Terms and Conditions

Points will be added to your account for each new customer you introduce.
All TRIP correspondence will be done via email so you will need an email account.

Points can be redeemed after the new customer has returned from their holiday when we will notify you of your points entitlement by email.

Email with TRIP prize in the subject line to claim your prize.

If a cancellation occurs, points will be lost.
Points required for rewards are subject to change.
A minimum of 500 points are required for money off or a gift voucher.
All rewards are subject to availability.
Travel Stop has the final decision on points allocated and rewards.

T.R.I.P – the “Travellers Reward Incentive Programme” started in 2012 and will continue to reward customers.
Travel Stop has the final decision on how long the TRIP scheme will run for and may be suspended at any time.

Travel Stop will endeavour to find any reward that suits you – you tell us what you want and we will tell you how many points you will need. To claim prizes email us on with TRIP Prize in the subject line.