Paul Keevil

Paul is Bridget’s husband and has been involved with Travel Stop, in one capacity or another, from the very beginning. He fitted the first shelf in Elmswell in 1991 when the company was first started and completely refurbished the Claydon office in two weeks when purchased in 1999. In 2013 he completed a transformation of the corner store to the Hadleigh office and again in 2018 turned The Bell House Gallery in Buntingford into the latest Travel Stop office.

Trained as an electrical engineer Paul was keen to learn about computer control in the 1990’s and he now looks after all of Travel Stop’s IT requirements over the four offices.

In August 2015 he became more involved in the business by standing in for Bridget enable her to compete in the eleven month “Clipper Round the World Yacht Race”, until she returned to take back the reins. He remains an integral part of the business.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys working out at the gym, going on holiday, and good Argentinian Malbec red wine! His holidays however, do seem to consist of being ‘dragged around the world’ by Bridget who seems to have an insatiable appetite for the more ‘out-of the-norm’ style of holidays and destinations very much ‘off-the-beaten-track’ – but he has kept up admirably!