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SUMMARY Find out what makes the Kimberley region so special on a nine-day Premium adventure through Australia’s North-West. Learn about the rich First Nations history of the area from Traditional Custodians, take guided walks ... more »


Find out what makes the Kimberley region so special on a nine-day Premium adventure through Australia’s North-West. Learn about the rich First Nations history of the area from Traditional Custodians, take guided walks that illuminate local geography, swim in gorges filled with clear waters and under waterfalls, and hike through red-rock formations and palm oases. With comfortable accommodation included each night, the only thing standing between you and a great night’s sleep will be stories around the fire or watching the night sky come alive in a wash of stars. From Windjana Gorge and Purnululu National Park to vast El Questro station, the Kimberley simply can’t be topped.




START : Broome

END : Kununurra


Validity : 01 JAN 2022 To 31 DEC 2023

Day :1

Location : Broome

Welcome to the Kimberley! Your Premium Kimberley adventure begins in the outback town of Broome, where you’ll be able to check into your accommodation from 2pm. With human history stretching back tens of thousands of years, Broome is brimming with fascinating stories to uncover. Looking back even further, ancient dinosaur footprints can be found around Broome. Meet with your local leader and the fellow travellers joining you on your adventure this evening at 6pm, then get to know each other over an included dinner where you’ll find out more about what lies ahead for the rest of your journey.

Day :2

Location : Derby / Geikie Gorge / Fitzroy Crossing

Begin your journey east towards Fitzroy Crossing. First up, you’ll visit the outback town of Derby where you’ll meet with a local artist and poet, a descendant of the Walmadjari and Nyigina peoples. Take a walking tour around the town and receive special insight into local culture and First Nations history. This afternoon, join a local National Park Ranger on a guided cruise through the majestic Geikie Gorge. The Gorge is naturally carved between the Geikie and Oscar Ranges and your guide is an expert in the unique geology and flora and fauna of the area. Keep an eye out for a range of native birds, fish and even freshwater crocodiles! Tonight you’ll arrive at your lodge in Fitzroy Crossing right next to the Fitzroy River, where you’ll get to know your fellow travellers a little bit better over dinner before you relax under the stars.

Day :3

Location : Windjana Gorge / Tunnel Creek / Fitzroy Crossing

This morning you’ll head deep into Bunuba country – once a Devonian reef, this terrain is over 350 million years old and home to a diverse array of animals and plants. The geological wonder of Windjana Gorge has gorge walls rising over 90 metres into the sky and each way you look, you’ll discover something new. Here you’ll enjoy a picnic lunch and search for freshwater crocodiles, local birdlife and Indigenous bush tucker. Afterwards, get ready for an adventure to Tunnel Creek – a cave system carved through the Napier Range. There is a large variety of wildlife on display here, plus some seriously impressive stalactites. Your leader will also explain the legend of Jandamarra, the First Nations freedom fighter, who in the 1800s, used this tunnel as a hideout. Late afternoon, return to the resort at the remote township of Fitzroy Crossing.

Day :4

Location : Mimbi Caves / Purnululu National Park

Take a step back in time today as you set out to explore the ancient Mimbi Caves in the heart of Gooniyandi Country. This spiritually significant underground world is one of the largest cave systems in Western Australia and one of the oldest identified sites of human occupation in the country. Join a local Gooniyandi guide who will introduce you to the crystal-clear pools, rare fossils and ancient rock art of the Mimbi Caves while sharing traditional Dreamtime stories. Sit down to share damper bread and billy tea with the Gooniyandi traditional owners before travelling on to your remote feature stay accommodation in the heart of Purnululu National Park. The Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge boasts a simply unbeatable location right in the midst of this World Heritage area, and by using sustainable energy sources, the lodge has a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Timber cabins are in harmony with the wild surroundings and each feature private bathrooms and front decks to soak in the view.

Day :5

Location : Bungle Bungles / Purnululu National Park

Today will be spent discovering the wonders of Purnululu National Park, home to the spectacular Bungle Bungle domes, carved out by rivers over 20 million years. These unique orange and black striped ‘beehive’ geological formations were only known to the locals up until the 1980s, when the rest of the world were let in on the secret. Take a wander through Echidna Chasm and marvel at its soaring Livistona Palm trees, then take a short walk into the awe-inspiring Cathedral Gorge, a natural amphitheatre created by towering rocks. This afternoon you may like to book in for an optional helicopter flight offering up unbelievable views of the Bungle Bungle domes, then return to your feature stay to enjoy a relaxing evening in this otherworldly landscape.

Day :6

Location : El Questro Wilderness Park

Leave Purnululu National Park behind, and venture north towards the world-famous El Questro Wilderness Park, a vast stretch of ancient country that boasts majestic mountains, deep gorges and thermal hot springs, among other adventures. Once a sprawling cattle station covering rugged and varied terrain, the land has since been transformed into a wilderness park, offering visitors the chance to explore a unique slice of the outback. On arrival, you may like to head out on a walk to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. From soaring cliffs to tranquil waterholes, there’s so much to uncover here – in fact, there’s 700,000 acres waiting to be explored.

Day :7

Location : El Questro Wilderness Park

There are few better ways to start the day than with a relaxing soak in the Zebedee Hot Springs, surrounded by mirror-like waters and shady palms. In the afternoon, those feeling adventurous will have time to take on a hike to Emma Gorge, where a gorgeous natural pool and waterfall await. There are plenty of other optional activities on offer today, such as a cruise through Chamberlain Gorge. Only accessible by boat, this 3 km fresh waterhole is bound by diverse flora and fauna, and belittled by a towering escarpment. Look out for the barramundi abundant in the clear waters. Be sure to speak to your leader for tips on the best way to spend a day in this magnificent wilderness park.

Day :8

Location : Lake Argyle / Kununurra

Say goodbye to the El Questro Wilderness Park and travel to impressive Lake Argyle. Swing by the historic Durack Homestead Museum to see how colonists made a living here from the late 19th century, then head up to a scenic lookout point to admire Lake Argyle in all its glory. Take a walk across the Ord Top Dam wall and discover the Ord Hydro-Power Station before hopping aboard a boat for the super scenic 55km journey to the town of Kununurra. Your local leader will point out fascinating flora and fauna as you cruise along the Ord River, and you may even spot some freshwater crocodiles if you’re lucky. Stop off at a riverside camp for afternoon tea then watch the sky shift in colour as the sun sets before arriving into Kununurra.

Day :9

Location : Kununurra

Your adventure comes to an end in Kununurra this morning. If you would like to spend some more time here, just get in touch in advance and we’d be happy to arrange additional accommodation (subject to availability).

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  • If you’re looking for a change of scenery, you’ve found it. From cruising between the sheer, multi-coloured walls of Geikie Gorge to jumping into red rock-ringed waterholes, this is a real back to nature escape.
  • Explore the Tunnel Creek cave system and learn about Jandamarra, a First Nations freedom fighter who used the caves as a hideout in the late 1800s.
  • Hike your way to Cathedral Gorge and wonder at the natural amphitheatre of red rock, hollowed out over millions of years to create this massive acoustic wonder.
  • Delve into Dreamtime with a local Gooniyandi guide as you hear traditional stories and discover the secrets of Mimbi Caves, a sanctuary of crystal-clear pools, rare fossils and ancient rock art.
  • Marvel at the red domes of Purnululu National Park – your spectacular eco-friendly feature stay lodge in the heart of the park provides the perfect base to discover its gorges, valleys and fiery sunsets.

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