Lake Bled

Earlier this year I was invited to a conference in Lake Bled – a place that had not even registered on my radar. I went with some amount of trepidation, not really expecting much. What a surprise I had!

lakebledAfter a thirty minute transfer from Ljubljana Airport the most beautiful lake opened up in the middle of a ring of mountains and forests. In the middle of the lake is a church on a tiny island. Weddings are held here – it is supposed to be good luck for the groom to carry the bride up the 99 steps to the tower on their wedding day and ringing the bell to make a wish. I wonder how many wished that their wife had stuck to her diet more rigidly before the wedding! There is a path all the way around the lake, a fabulous walk of just under four miles.

The world rowing championships have been held here four times – the latest in 2011. It is amazing how many relatively undiscovered jewels there are within just a couple of hours flight from the UK. This is certainly one of them.