‘Honeymiles’ our free service to you on your wedding.

What are Honeymiles?
The perfect way for friends and family to contribute to your wedding or honeymoon.

What should you do first?
Just book the perfect wedding abroad or honeymoon with us.

What next?
Inform your friends and family that you would like their wedding gift to you to be a contribution to your wedding abroad or honeymoon.

How will your friends know?

We will provide you with an insert of your choice to include with your wedding invitations.

How do friends and family donate?
They just contact us to donate.

What if friends and family want to contribute to a more individual gift?
Guests can donate to any special experience for you to enjoy.

Donation details?
We will provide you with a list of all the friends and family who made a contribution.
Any amount received over the total of your trip will be refunded to you.